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How to be write engaging customer communications

It’s easy to slip into auto-pilot, writing stock responses to customers in formal, emotionless language. Yet customers want to know that organisations understand them and value them. Writing engaging customer communications leaves a positive and lasting impression on the customer, building trust and creating advocacy through the written word, whether that be by letter, email or chat.

Here are three strategies to help you:


  1. Read between the lines

GREAT customer experience is picking up on and acknowledging the key points the customer is making by reading between the lines. Look for clues that suggest how the customer is feeling, how the situation is impacting them and what they really need from you. This will inform how you then respond to the customer in a way that is personal and individual to them.


  1. Get straight to the point

Getting straight to the point is using language that is straight-forward, concise and clear. It shows the customer they are interacting with a human being rather than a faceless organisation. Instead of ‘As per your request’, say ‘As you asked…’. Rather than “We request that you..’, say ‘Please can you…’


  1. Choose accountable language

Choose your language carefully so that the customer understands that you are on their side and that you want to help. Choose accountable language that focuses on what can be done, not what can’t. Choose trust-inspiring words like: Will, Can, Your options are, I know exactly what to do…, What I need to do is…


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