GREAT writing – How to write engaging customer communications

An interactive half-day, face-to-face workshop or a 90-minute virtual session

It’s easy to slip into auto-pilot, writing stock responses to customers in formal, emotionless language. Yet customers want to know that organisations understand them and value them. This session explains how to write engaging and high impact communications that leave a positive and lasting impression on the customer, building trust and creating advocacy through the written word, whether that be by letter, email or chat.

How will it help?

This workshop will help your people to:

  • Read between the lines to identify the customers’ emotional needs as well as their stated needs
  • Respond in a way that acknowledges how the customer feels and makes it easy for the customer
  • Get straight to the point using easy language, getting the message across clearly and concisely
  • Carefully choose accountable language that builds an emotional connection with the customer

Who should attend?

Anyone in a customer-facing role who has attended the GREAT customer service workshop.

What happens in it?

A highly interactive and practical session, using real scenarios relevant to your people in their role. Your people will learn three key strategies that will help them to write engaging customer communications, whatever the form of the interaction.

How’s it delivered?

Option 1 – Face-to-face
A half-day session for a group of up to 12. The session is approximately 3-hours and each participant will receive a printed take-away summarising the three strategies.

Option 2 – Virtual
A 90-minute session for a group of up to 12. The virtual option is just as interactive and each participant will receive a PDF take-away summarising the three strategies.

Session outline

This is the overview for the half-day, face-to-face session. Timings are approximate and will flex depending on the needs of the group. Virtual delivery follows the same content and sequence but with different timings and excludes the additional practise section.

1 Welcome to GREAT writing (30 mins)

  • What will you learn? Session overview and objectives
  • Activity: What is easy and effortless customer service? – Through the lens of written communication
  • The power of the written word

2 Three strategies (90 mins)

  • Read between the lines
    • What’s underneath the words that people use
    • Activity: Read between the lines – looking for the clues the customer is giving you
  • Get straight to the point
    • Using clear and concise language
    • Activity: Get straight to the point – Cutting through corporate-speak
    • Activity: How does it sound? – Rewriting stock or corporate phrases you would usually use
  • Choose accountable language
    • Accountable versus unaccountable language – a refresh
    • Activity: Choose accountable language – applying this to their own written communications with customers

BREAK (15 mins)

3 Practise (F2F only – 60 minutes)

  • Activity: Practise GREAT writing – apply what you’ve learned to real situations that you face every day, rewriting your empathic and accountable response

4 Action plan and close (15 mins)

  • Reflect and prepare actions
  • Activity: surprise!
  • Close


See what participants have said about this programme recently:

  • Really worth attending
  • Compact and easy to follow
  • It was so useful and reminded me to do things and take more time!

To check that this is the right programme for you, just give us a call on 01582 463464 and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you – we’re here to help!