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Ten common problems with IT and technical support

Your technical support team know their stuff, but are they still making their customers (internal or external) unhappy?

Is it because:

  1. They have too little sense of purpose about their role?
  2. They dive into the technical problem without properly listening to the customer?
  3. They solve the problem but still leave the customer confused?
  4. They don’t manage expectations as well as they should?
  5. They don’t always get a sense of the urgency of the situation?
  6. They stick to the standard procedures, processes and timescales without empathising with the customer?
  7. They struggle to manage aggressive, ‘bullying’, or manipulative customers
  8. They send brusque emails rather than use the phone
  9. They don’t take ownership of the problem – resolution means closing the ticket rather than satisfying the customer
  10. They talk ‘geek’, not ‘customer’

These are just some of the most common problems with the levels of service from IT and technical support teams. But it’s not just the customers who suffer, nor the organisation. It’s the support team themselves. It can be stressful for them. And it’s depressing for them. And it needn’t be.

The solution is often very simple. Get the team together. Get them to share their experiences. Help them see that they’re not on their own, that the organisation cares about them, and they need to care about their customers. Give them some tools and techniques that will help them. Give them a safe space in which to practise them. Get them to contribute some ideas for improvement. Get a great facilitator in who can manage the process in an upbeat and motivational way.


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