GREAT resilience – How to be buoyant in customer service

An interactive half-day, face-to-face workshop or a 90-minute virtual session

In a customer facing role, resilience is key to success. When speaking with lots of customers every day, the chances are there will be a few ‘No’s’, or maybe complaints and challenges. Over time, resilience is eroded, diminishing positivity, performance and the service your people provide. Buoyancy is being able to stay afloat, enabling your people to give GREAT service, regardless of the outcome of the previous customer interaction.

How will it help?

This workshop will help your people to:

  • Identify how their mindset impacts their own buoyancy
  • Describe how to increase their own buoyancy and be ready to deliver GREAT service to every customer, every time
  • Demonstrate increased levels of buoyancy using examples specific to their role

Who should attend?

Anyone in a customer-facing role who has attended the GREAT customer service workshop.

What happens in it?

A highly interactive and practical session, using real scenarios relevant to your people in their role. Your people will learn three key strategies that will help them to be more resilient and buoyant and have the opportunity to practise the strategies in the context of their everyday customer interactions.

How’s it delivered?

Option 1 – Face-to-face
A half-day session for a group of up to 12. The session is approximately 3-hours and each participant will receive a printed take-away summarising the three strategies.

Option 2 – Virtual
A 90-minute session for a group of up to 12. The virtual option is just as interactive and each participant will receive a PDF take-away summarising the three strategies.

Session outline

This is the overview for the half-day, face-to-face session. Timings are approximate and will flex depending on the needs of the group. Virtual delivery follows the same content and sequence but with different timings and excludes the additional practise section.

1 Welcome to GREAT resilience (45 mins)

  • What will you learn? Session overview and objectives
  • Activity: What is buoyancy?
  • What we mean by ‘buoyancy’
  • Activity: How buoyant are you?
  • Activity: How buoyancy feels and the impact it has on customer experience

2 Three strategies (90 mins)

  • Control your response
    • Activity: How you typically respond to setbacks
    • The Success Principles and controlling your response
    • Activity: Control your response – impact on you, the customer, the situation
  • Change your words, change your world
    • Reframing negative events
    • Activity: Reframing times when a customer has said ‘no’
  • Prepare for curveballs
    • Prospective hindsight
    • Activity: Pre-empting a ‘no’

BREAK (15 mins)

3 Practise (F2F only – 45 minutes)

  • Activity: Practise buoyancy – apply what you’ve learned to real situations that you face every day

4 Action plan and close (15 mins)

  • Reflect and prepare actions
  • Activity: surprise!
  • Close


See what participants have said about this programme recently:

  • Helpful course.
  • Good discussion on different practices for resilience. It was good to talk through scenarios.
  • Great training to help with difficult situations and mindset in dealing with those.
  • It was fantastic, really engaging compared to other training I have had. Thanks Scott!!
  • Really good eye-opener.
  • It was clear, upbeat and engaging.
  • Scott made the training very engaging. He interacted with everyone doing the training so that no one was left out. Really well presented and would look forward to him training me again. Thanks Scott.
  • Really easy to understand and very kind.
  • I learned that everything I say or do is either a service or a disservice to my customers and those around me. This will positively impact my customers because I am now feeling more confident in the fact that I can stop and think before responding to customers. Very positive, good listener, encouraging.
  • Fantastic. Engaging and a very nice gentleman.
  • Excellent and friendly approachable and knowledgeable.
  • Great guy.
  • Great host, very encouraging and went at an ideal pace. Very helpful.
  • Very good and knowledgeable. Took time to make sure people able to see and hear the presentation.
  • Great way he put across today’s course.
  • Very positive.
  • Good examples from the facilitator; he has a lot of knowledge.
  • Great chance to share experiences.
  • Informative and hosted brilliantly.
  • Really good and learned some interesting things.
  • Very interesting and knowledgeable.
  • Really good insight into our responses to customers and colleagues.
  • Good reminder of how to stay calm and respond accordingly to situations.
  • Enjoyed the session, got me thinking and reflecting on how I may feel in certain situations and to remember not to take things personally.
  • Great course.

To check that this is the right programme for you, just give us a call on 01582 463464 and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you – we’re here to help!