GREAT complaints – How to resolve a complaint

A half-day session (face-to-face) or 90 minutes (virtual)

A complaint is a gift… if it’s properly unwrapped.

It might be that when your people hear the words, ‘I want to complain’, then their hearts sink and they become defensive. Unfortunately, this can make the situation worse for the customer and break their trust in your organisation. But what if your people welcomed complaints and saw them as an opportunity to deliver a GREAT experience and strengthen their customer’s loyalty to your organisation?

This session will help your people to see complaints through a new lens and create a loyalty-enhancing experience for your customers.


Participants will be able to:

  • Recognise different personality styles and how they show up under pressure, adapting their own style to give the customer what they need from the interaction
  • Ask questions to uncover the cause of the complaint and the impact the situation is having on the customer
  • Give a sincere and genuine apology, pitch the resolution confidently and be prepared to respond to any customer concerns

Who should attend?

Anyone who ever has to handle a customer complaint.


A highly interactive and practical session, using real scenarios that participants bring with them.

Delivered either as a face-to-face half-day session or as a 90-minute virtual session, as you prefer.

Workshop outline

1 Introduction

  • Complaints are an opportunity
  • Turning a challenging interaction into one that is loyalty-creating

2 Explore and apply three strategies

  • Adapt and attune
  • Understand the customer’s story
  • Respond and resolve

3 Conclusion

  • Review and reflect
  • Action plan
  • End on a high

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