GREAT complaints – How to resolve a complaint

An interactive half-day, face-to-face workshop or 90-minute virtual session

Complaints are a gift… if they are properly unwrapped. This session will help your people to see complaints through a new lens, turning what can be a heart sinking moment into a positive experience for your customers and themselves. When people hear the words ‘I want to complain’ they can become defensive and this can make the situation worse for the customer and break their trust in your organisation. But what if your people welcomed complaints and saw them as an opportunity to deliver a GREAT experience and strengthen their customer’s loyalty to your organisation?

How will it help?

This workshop will help your people to:

  • Recognise the personality styles and how they show up under pressure, adapt their own style to give the customer what they need from the interaction
  • Ask questions to uncover the cause of the complaint and the impact the situation is having on the customer
  • Give a sincere and genuine apology and pitch the resolution with accountability

Who should attend?

Anyone in a customer-facing role who has attended the GREAT customer service workshop.

What happens in it?

A highly interactive and practical session, using real scenarios relevant to your people in their role. Your people will learn three key strategies that will help them to write engaging customer communications, whatever the form of the interaction.

How’s it delivered?

Option 1 – Face-to-face
A half-day session for a group of up to 12. The session is approximately 3-hours and each participant will receive a printed take-away summarising the three strategies.

Option 2 – Virtual
A 90-minute session for a group of up to 12. The virtual option is just as interactive and each participant will receive a PDF take-away summarising the three strategies.

Session outline

This is the overview for the half-day, face-to-face session. Timings are approximate and will flex depending on the needs of the group. Virtual delivery follows the same content and sequence but with different timings and excludes the additional practise section.

1 Welcome to GREAT complaints (40 mins)

  • What will you learn? Session overview and objectives
  • Activity: Complaints are an opportunity?
  • Why a complaint might be described as a ‘gift’

2 Three strategies (90 mins)

  • Adapt and attune
    • How the Personality Styles might behave when making a complaint
    • Activity: Adapt and attune – adapting to the Personality Styles when a customer complains
  • Understand the customer’s story
    • How it feels to be ‘processed’
    • Applying the GREAT skill, Recognise Needs, in a complaint situation
    • Activity: Understand the customer’s story – Part 1 – Drawing from your own experiences
    • Activity: Understand the customer’s story – Part 2 – Apply the strategy to your most common customer complaint scenarios
  • Respond and resolve
    • Apology or financial compensation?
    • The three core elements to a genuine apology
    • Activity: Respond and resolve – Crafting a genuine apology in your most common customer complaint scenarios

BREAK (15 mins)

3 Practise (F2F only – 60 minutes)

  • Activity: Practise GREAT resolving customer complaints – apply what you’ve learned to real customer complaint situations

4 Action plan and close (15 mins)

  • Reflect and prepare actions
  • Activity: surprise!
  • Close


See what participants have said about this programme recently:

  • If you wanted to gain a fresh perspective on complaint handling this course is really good.
  • Amazing course about complaints.
  • Excellent course.
  • Great energy from Jamie, informative, knowledgeable and well-spoken.
  • Had a laugh and learnt a lot.
  • Very engaging and informative.
  • Really engaging and makes people think.
  • Great information, good format and great fun all round.
  • It was very interactive – unlike typical workshops which could put you to sleep.
  • I have learnt a lot from the session and found it very fun and engaging.
  • All great.
  • The training was great and very engaging. Was great to see someone’s perspective who can view both sides and provide feedback needed. Didn’t feel bored at any point and was fantastic course.
  • Very informative and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Informative and changes the way you think.
  • Good, fun, way of learning new skills.
  • Lots of interesting stuff about how to handle complaints from different personality types.
  • Jamie is fantastic. My second session with him and again I have enjoyed it and learnt a lot.
  • Very eye-opening and informative.
  • Very informative and delivered in a friendly and personal manner; not long enough though.
  • Such a fun course!
  • A good intro into dealing with complaints and diversity of styles
  • Great power session, concise with still lots to take away and implement!
  • Really informative, with some actions that we can implement immediately in to our business practice.

To check that this is the right programme for you, just give us a call on 01582 463464 and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you – we’re here to help!