Understanding your customers

A one-day workshop

This one-day workshop looks at how personality influences the way that we and our customers buy. It explores how feelings, what people say and the process that people go through to make their decision in any buying situation.

At the end of this programme participants will be able to recognise different customer types and their preferred way of communicating. Participants will then be able to make it easier for customers to buy from you.


The aim of this programme is to help participants:

  • Understand how we experience the world
  • Identify their own sensory preference
  • Serve using their customers’ sensory preference
  • Identify key personality styles
  • Discover their own personality style
  • Communicate with different personality styles
  • Recognise body language and other unconscious signals
  • Adapt their own style
  • Deal with difficult customer types
  • Increase their self-awareness

Who should attend?

This programme is ideal for:

  • Customer service teams and team leaders
  • Sales teams and team leaders


This one-day workshop is based upon a series of short discussions, practical exercises and real life application. Having an awareness of different personalities has benefits on many levels. It helps staff to have a better understanding of their customers. It also helps managers and team members to be aware of the behaviours and needs of their colleagues.

If required, this workshop can be adapted to create a two-day workshop incorporating team-building and customer service team meetings.

Expert trainer

Scott Rumsey is our lead trainer. His programmes get great feedback, as you can see from his profile, here.

1 Welcome and introduction

  • Participants are welcomed to the workshop and are invited to share the issues they face when dealing with people of different personalities

2 Understanding how we experience the world

  • Your own sensory preference is identified by completing a simple exercise
  • Understanding the characteristics of the four key sensory preferences: Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic and Auditory Digital
  • Using this knowledge of sensory preferences to deal with customers

3 Identifying key personality styles

  • Discover your dominant style through a personality profile questionnaire
  • Appreciating the traits of the four personality styles
  • How to communicate with other styles

4 Dealing with different personality styles

  • Identifying body language and unconscious signals given by customers
  • Adapting your style accordingly

5 Dealing with difficult customer types

  • Some familiar customer types
  • Strategies for dealing with them

6 Conclusion

  • Questions and answers
  • Course review
  • Putting it all into practice

To check that this is the right programme for you, just give us a call on 01582 463464 and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you – we’re here to help!