Helping people buy

A one-day workshop

Customers are looking for the whole buying experience to be easy and pleasurable. In an increasingly competitive marketplace with high expectations from customers, service excellence is essential.

As customers become more sales savvy, success in telephone and internet sales in particular means very quickly gaining the confidence of potential customers. This workshop focuses on helping you delight customers by providing consistent service excellence, especially when they are unhappy.


The key aim of this programme is to help improve the buying experience for all your customers, by developing the way your customers perceive you. Participants will acquire essential tools, skills and methods; discuss specific organisational issues; and identify areas for improvement. They will discover how to:

  • Create a welcoming and engaging experience for customers
  • Develop a caring approach that results in loyal brand ambassadors
  • Understand how unhappy customers create great opportunities
  • Build trust quickly with customers to develop the sale further
  • Help customers reach the best buying decision for them
  • Deal in advance with any potential issues customers might experience
  • Understand how to guide customers to making a commitment

Who should attend?

This programme is highly relevant to all those on the customer service frontline, particularly in a telephone or online context where it is potentially so much harder to establish rapport with the customer (compared with face-to-face transactions, for example).

The workshop is particularly useful to those in a customer service role who are also tasked with up- and cross-selling but who do not necessarily see themselves as sales people, hence the focus on helping people buy.


A highly participative one-day workshop. The format is flexible and can be tailored to your preferred style, taking account of your operational environment and the participants’ learning styles.

Special features

We make this workshop all about your business. We will develop a programme that is built around the way that you work and the challenges you encounter. Your own examples and case studies will help us ensure that the programme fits your culture and clientele. As part of the development process, we invite you to work with us to make it work for you.

Expert trainer

Scott Rumsey is our lead trainer. His programmes get great feedback, as you can see from his profile, here.

1 What do customers want?

  • How service and sales expectations have changed
  • What do customers look for in an ideal sales person?
  • What do you expect?

2 First contact

  • Creating a positive mind-set
  • Developing a winning and welcoming approach
  • Determining where to focus our attention
  • Setting primary and secondary objectives

3 Developing rapport

  • How to quickly ‘tune in’ to your customers
  • Every call is an opportunity
  • Creating and developing the customer’s relationship with your brand
  • Using positive and engaging language

4 Understanding what they want or need right now!

  • Framing effective questions for a range of different situations
  • Finding out what’s important to your customers
  • Developing active listening skills

5 Show how you are going to help your customers

  • Presenting your answers to their questions
  • Developing techniques for responding to challenging situations
  • Creating loyal brand ambassadors

6 Helping the customer make a commitment

  • Understand how the customer will make the buying decision
  • Help the buyer sell the idea to themselves
  • Gaining the final commitment

7 Action planning

  • Creating a team action plan for a consistent and professional approach

To check that this is the right programme for you, just give us a call on 01582 463464 and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you – we’re here to help!