GREAT hand-overs – How to seamlessly hand over your customer

A half-day session (face-to-face) or 90 minutes (virtual)

Customers want service that is easy and effortless.

But very often we have to hand our customers over to another colleague or a different department. And that’s often where the customer can fall through the cracks and trust is broken.

This session will help your people to hand their customer over in a seamless way, maintaining a trust-building experience.


Participants will be able to:

  • Describe what makes a handover seamless and what can break trust
  • Position the handover positively to the customer, instilling confidence in the journey
  • Own the handover, setting up the next colleague for success

Who should attend?

Anyone in a customer-facing role where there is a hand-over in the process.


A highly interactive and practical session, using real scenarios that participants bring with them.

Delivered either as a face-to-face half-day session or as a 90-minute virtual session, as you prefer.

Workshop outline

1 Introduction

  • What is a seamless handover?
  • How trust can be broken

2 Explore and apply three strategies

  • Instil confidence
  • Tell the story
  • Own it

3 Conclusion

  • Review and reflect
  • Action plan
  • End on a high

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