Dramatic customer service!

A one-day workshop

Everyone who has ever worked in customer service will know that every customer is different and no two situations are ever exactly the same. Being able to adapt and flex your style to accommodate all of your customers is the key to achieving complete customer satisfaction.

‘Dramatic Customer Service!’ offers your staff the opportunity to discover the theory behind excellent customer service and then put the learning into practice with professional actors providing accurate realistic examples of challenging customer situations.

Every session is tailored to the needs of your organisation, with participants gaining valuable insight and feedback from those around them. This is a highly practical, skills-based day, injected with humour and fun throughout the day.


This unique programme will help your people:

  • Develop an increased awareness of the way in which they use their tone of voice, body language and content to communicate with customers
  • Reveal and sharpen their sensory skills, enabling them to accurately read customers and adapt their behaviour accordingly
  • Discover how to read the signs of those customers who are likely to create conflict and deal with them effectively
  • Develop solution-based language which will help them to avoid deadlock and confrontation
  • Increase their confidence when delivering difficult messages and dealing with challenging customers
  • Put themselves in the customer’s shoes and understand what gold standard customer service looks, sounds and feels like

Who should attend?

Front-line customer service staff, whether they deal with internal or external customers, face-to-face or on the phone.


The workshop combines a series of drama-based communication exercises, with powerful forum theatre technique and one-to-one skills practise sessions with every participant.

With your organisation’s own customer service standards injected into the day, participants will be challenged to perform and find a gold standard level of service.

Special features

The course can be tailored, at no additional cost, according to organisational need and / or the skill level of the participants.

1 The warm-up

  • Entertaining theatrical sketch depicting an example of poor customer service
  • Participants then direct the scene, remoulding it into a successful customer-focused outcome

2 What makes a great performance?

  • Establishing participants’ experience of excellent customer service
  • Examining the practicalities of excellent customer service

3 An award-winning show

  • Cross-referencing participants’ standards with those of the organisation

4 Communicating with your audience

  • An introduction to communication
  • Practical exercises and theory
  • The three natural components used to communicate
  • Traditional theatrical game

5 Dress rehearsal

  • Delegates prepare scenarios which are relevant to their own roles

6 The first night

  • Participants put learning in to practice with one-to-one role-plays
  • Each scenario is followed by feedback related to:
    • Listening skills
    • Use of effective open questions
    • Use of silence
    • Body language
    • Vocal tone
    • Solution based content

7 The curtain call

  • Group discussion
  • Key learning points

To check that this is the right programme for you, just give us a call on 01582 463464 and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you – we’re here to help!